A workplace wellness solution to ...

  • Prioritise the health of your workforce

  • Engage your employees

  • Strengthen teamwork and communication

  • Improve business performance

  • Become an Employer of Choice

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This innovative workplace wellness programme addresses physical, social and mental aspects of your employees’ wellness in an engaging solution that strengthens teamwork and communication, improves business performance and helps your company become an employer of choice.

Unlike any other workplace wellness programme available currently, Work Active delivers short- and long-term health benefits through the use of Power Plate® whole body vibration (WBV). In less than three minutes WBV goes a long way to alleviating chronic health issues brought about by “sitting disease”.

The Work Active solution supports three pillars of wellness

Mental Wellbeing


• Improve concentration ​
• Reduce stress levels ​
• Improve mood
• Stimulate creative thinking


of users are motivated by the competitive aspect of the Work Active challenges with virtual and physical rewards

Social Wellbeing


• Healthy employees are happy employees
• Connection with colleagues enhances engagement
• Teamwork drives belonging


of users enjoy the social aspect of Work Active, including teamwork, and inter-department communication

Physical Wellbeing


• Put the bounce back in your step by activating and energising
• Relieve tension from sitting or standing too long


of users are motivated by the feeling of “lightness” they enjoy when using Work Active Trainer by Power Plate

* Statistics are from a pilot study conducted in Protea Japan in July 2021



• Facilitate cross-functional connection

• Build positive company culture

• Increase productivity and your bottom line

• Decrease presenteeism and absenteeism

• Attract and retain top talent


Apart from the immediate effects, regular use of whole body vibration can mitigate against the chronic illnesses associated with sitting disease


Support a strong back with less lower back discomfort


Reduce aches in feet, hands and wrists​


Relieve tension in neck and shoulders


Reduce swelling in feet and lower limbs


Support good bone health


Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease with reduced blood pressure, reduced arterial stiffness


Reduce risk of diabetes with improved glycaemic control ​


Reduce incidence of peripheral neuropathies with increased peripheral circulation


Reduce risk of anxiety and depression

What is Work Active?

The Work Active System is a turnkey solution that introduces healthy movement snacks into all your employees’ schedules.

Whole body vibration delivered by Power Plate is renowned for being able to deliver physiological benefits in a short amount of time. Its use in the Work Active programme allows for uncompromising time-efficient movement breaks.

Fun, team-based challenges provide social interaction and leverage peer-support to maximise participation. Gamification elements based on behavioural science use intrinsic and extrinsic drivers to optimise motivation and build healthy habits.

A Leaderboard cast to the office wall adds a competitive element that teams thrive on. The automated Work Active campaign manager tracks employee engagement and all the metrics are easily accessible on the Campaign and Engagement Dashboards.

From start to finish your Work Active Success Manager will co-ordinate implementation within your business. From acoustic dampening to specialised flooring – every aspect of installation is carefully supervised.

What our users say

“When I got bogged down in documentation, I was able to use the Work Active session as a mental circuit-breaker, and I was able to refocus on my work feeling refreshed.”

“I have found that if I take a Work Active break at times when I am struggling to come up with good ideas, my mood changes and creative ideas pop into my head.”

“It gave me more energy and improved my circulation. I had more focus, motivation and positivity.”

“I used the Work Active Trainer when I was feeling tired or when I wanted an energy boost between meetings. It was a great, quick way to change my mood instantly.”

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